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Dear customer,

genuinEbags.eu is an online store, which offers you collections created by well-known Italian and Latvian desingers and companies whose products are not widely represented on the Latvian and European market. We sell high quality bags, purses and accessories for prices lower than at official dealers.
You can instantly buy a modern bag on genuinEbags.eu website. If today you didn’t find the bag that matches shape and colour of your dreams, you are welcome back tomorrow. In consideration of a wide assortment of offered bags, you can choose the product that matches your financial rolls. Also, considering that the assortment offered in the store comes directly from the Italian and Latvian manufacturers, you can be sure that the bag, purchased from genuinEbags.eu store, corresponds to the latest fashion trends.          
Popular brand news
Charming news - bags, purses and accessories from popular brands such as : “Alexia, Caprisa, Christian Lay, David Jones, Ferre, Guess, Giulia, Jack & Jones, J&C Jackyceline, Jessica, Marige, Marina Galanti, Pierre Cardin, Rhinesthemo, Sisley, Mille, Steanel et al “ perfectly fit into the modern wardrobe, as the brands are not only popular but also have the highest Italian quality. New collections and wide assortment are featured for you. Guaranteed: Brand Authenticity, Material Quality, Low Price. 

Our philosophy
We keep the philosophy that everything genius-simple, and no explanation is needed. We hope that Italian quality lovers will find our range of products attractive and it is very important for our customers to appreciate genuine craftsmanship and enjoy the quality of natural genuine leather products.
Our goals
We sincerely wish our store visitors to find exactly what they are looking for: favorite brand, the right color and style, high quality - and get for the best price. Our main goal is to make you satisfied with the purchase and wait for you to come again.
Payment methods
We accept the following payments online: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin (BTC)

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